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The Eyes Behind The Camera

Hollie and Alex  have been specializing in photography for a combined 18+ years of experience. Starting from just shooting for fun to now turning it into her dream business Hollie worked for years striving to bring amazing photography to Sevier counties STR owners. As creatives they use their passion for photography to turn your vacation rental or real estate listing into a work of art to be showcased to the world.


Hollie, the owner/founder of HER Photography, saw an opportunity in the Great Smoky Mountains and decided to take advantage. Starting her real estate photography career at the age of 21, she has now been in the business for almost 10 years. With a BA in Graphic Design she has used her creativity to help streamline the business to success. She focuses not only on the small details within the photos but also the larger picture on how to best market your property through the eye of a lens.


Alex is a Marine Veteran, father of 2, musician and videographer. He has always had a passion in photography and videography and has specialized in portrait photography, custom video, commercial video and documentary film making for 9+ years. With a unique editing style and amazing eye for creative details, he has found his niche alongside his fiancé/business partner taking his talents to the next level.


These 2 together have become a perfect team to tackle the hot market of vacation rental and real estate photography. They strive to bring you the best customer service possible and make sure that your property comes out shining!

HER Photography

Fun Facts About Us

We shot our own engagement. Alex had everything planned and set the tripod up to take photos of Hollie with the horses on their surprise anniversary trip. Hollie had no idea Alex was planning to get down on one knee in the middle of a 350 acre horse pasture. 

We own the most sweet and loving Doberman on earth. Millie is spunky, has an attitude, loves to spend every moment with us and her squeaky toys and can even be seen cruising around the mountains with us for shoots.

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